Lake Enchanto

The best way to meet new people is to photograph them. You really see their true personalities.

Lake Enchanto, it was created sometime in the 1930s. It was basically a fairytale water park/resort located in the Santa Monica Mountains. Who in the hell would have such an idea in the middle of nowhere, well Warren Shobert and Arthur Edeson did. The loss of visitors around 1960, due to the larger amusement parks, caused the park to shutdown. Almost 60 years later the pool is still there untouched and still holding onto the light blue texture and metal handrails. Any other day its a fenced off old recreational piece but this week it was turned into an art piece. This 650,000 gallon abandoned pool held site-specific art by Kim West. Its exotic and made a perfect backdrop to our golden hour photo shoot.

Making sure not to effect the art that was placed there, we used the pieces to work as our own. What a true fairytale resort this seemed to be, it just took 60 years for us to see it. Otherwise I look at this pool and imagine all the people in the summers of the 1930s. The weird donut shape must have been interesting to swim in and the middle must have been a great place to jump off of. Wish this was still a place to hang out and swim but it deffinetly had its time. Plus California only has 650,000 Gallons of water left! Putting it in a donut shaped pool in the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains would be silly. Thanks to Justin, Jared, Blake, Quinn and Julia! You guys were great models!

-Hayden 6-16-17